Spilling It Away

I can hear your voice inside my head
Some melody playing in my mind, twisting in my heart,
a cry....a scream actually, shattering walls that surrounded you for years.
I can see water drops falling as the world weeps with your aching heart.
Showers of celebration of human existence, of growth and expansion beyond yourself.

But you're spilling it away.

I can feel the beating of your heart with every mile of water you swim in that soothing pool,
I can feel the air coming out of your mouth and glide through my neck, delicately caressing my  skin.
I can hear your laugh, your giggle and I can see your smile, fake and disrupted. A mask you've been putting for everyone to notice, a cry you've been creating, a message to deliver.

I can feel the aching pain with every decision you take, for you're choosing opposites to make yourself suffer. I'm not sure you know that yet, I don't really care.

What I'm sure of is that you're letting go of your essence, spilling it away. You've decided to break free but you're only a prisoner of your shattered pieces of dreams, hurting inside your skin, slowly killing you, sucking the very life out of your soul.

Hurting may probably be your greatest teacher, but what will I do with that? What will my soul sing when your melodies go silent? When those violin strings become so mute, eaten by the silence of this world that only surrounds you? What will my heartbeat sound like when the crescendo of your sounds suddenly go silent, when nothingness only remains?

It doesn't really matter what the world around you wants, it doesn't really matter what everyone might say. But someone would have only been the light you've searching for, a beam of guidance and support. I think you're scared, afraid and in need of an escape. You've always loved the concrete, like the vast ocean. Something you could point to and know what it is. But sometimes, its those things you cannot touch that you need to hold on to the most.

Stop right there, you're spilling it away!