Look At you

Look at you, all shining and radiant.
Look at those hypnotizing eyes, that can stop a clock for the end of time.
Look at this smile, breathe the excess of your tender soul out into the world.
Look at this neck, so inviting & pure. Untouched, waiting to ignite your sensual fire.
Look at those breasts ready to excite, lighting the imaginations of adolescent boys in our neighborhood and later feed the precious little future joy you will hold so tenderly close to your magical golden heart.
Look at your lines, swiftly dancing upon every move of your body, silky skin dancing to the movements that breathe life into the world, visuals painted on the canvas of the world, lines so perfect, so magnificent and true.
Look at those legs, tall and graceful holding magic made to perfection. They dive into the divine center of pleasures & excitement. The core that shatters time, breaking you free, properly elevating you into the highest levels of passionate excitement, rhythmic sensations & emotions that celebrate the creation of  life. A cocoon that holds another breath for months before its tender release into this world, the indescribable gift of life.

Look at you, radiating brilliance into every room you walk to, getting those fabulous paintings on the walls around us to turn away with shame, deceived by their master creators' incomplete work. But you, oh you, you're a work of beauty, passion and art. Created at just the perfect moment, in a culmination of rushing bliss and tender passionate love. You're a jewel masterfully crafted by the invisible hands of utter majesty and unlimited abundance of beauty, guided by the two souls that loved, sang and moved to bring u into life.
Look at you, a soul in the most beautiful package there is, tender, silky and smooth. Guarded by the eyes from above, loved and wanted by the eyes all around. 

And look deep into those tempting eyes of yours, into the destinations of your unlimited space, into the unseen magic you call your soul. Its golden rays passing from your insides into any being that comes to exist with you, a glimpse, that moment when your true magic is sprinkled in just a few milliseconds into another soul and unintentionally draws a smile upon his face, just like you did with me. And I'm grateful for I have been touched by you, for I have been touched by a woman.


Danielle said...

Wow Gabe. I' absolutely speechless! This one definitely made me blush! Where do you get your inspiration? You should really look into getting published. This is fantastic work.. I love it.

Mich said...

You're truly inspired today! Bravo :-)

Rita said...

Amazing as usual!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow this excrutiatingly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

wooooowww amazing post gabe!!