Secrets In The Eyes

Her eyes speak secret stories in total silence. They're like a book, an endless series of tales to be told to those special people who can listen. Admiration fills me as I dive into an endless tale of woven mysteries and unspoken secrets. Filled with fascination, an incurable drug, her passion slowly reveals herself as we're there trying not to spill too much and drown in tears of deceptions and mysterious feelings carefully covered over time.

I can see her needs speaking to me, closure, and end to something so grand and shattering. A cry so innocent and loud yet totally silent and covered with smiles. And what a giver, in total surrender to the "what is" on her walk to the "what could be". Pieces of herself are scattered around the globe, inside the lives of so many people who seem to mean so many things in so many ways.

Never ending conversations flow so freely, so purely, so genuinely but those eyes they keep on speaking they keep on screaming with every move, every subject, every sip of the drink.

What a surprise, another unexpected gift that shows itself at the perfect moment. What a book written in memories that I have yet to read from cover to cover...and how honored I am to have open the vault to those secrets in those glittery eyes, aiming that one day they can sing again to the pounding beats of her pulsating heart.


Anonymous said...

u have to think seriously of writing ur own book!man ur a genious!!!