You Forgot Your Perfume

One of those weird moments usually tend to happen every now and again. You think like you're prepared to what is about to happen, played several scenarios in your head. Thought things through before, but just like that and out of the blue, you get what might simply be considered the surprise of your recent life.

It takes you on a magical journey into herself, and on a road of magical self discovery, diving deep inside your own core.

You know, I've never really shared so much in so little time but something in you just flows like the water stream coming out from its source, dancing with the bright rays of the summer sun. And as those rays dance they pulsate into the unseen world of beautiful sensations, uplifting emotions and pounding beats of the heart. There's magic in the smiles you shoot at people around you, like the most enjoyable knifes thrown by a circus artist at his turning, blindfolded muse. The risk is just enormous but the passion and dedication, the subtle care and unlimited loving madness is too powerful for a mistake to happen.

I can still feel you around, although its been a while since you're gone. I can still remember those looks, those eyes trying to take in every single detail of the night and store them, hidden in your memory away from the judgements of people who can never understand.
I can sense your hand gliding around my neck as the day goes on, those tender fingers dancing on my skin speaking to every nerve possible, creating unforgettable pulses of sensations that I cannot but store inside me and long for in the days, weeks and months to come.
I can still smell you, your scent, your skin. You've left your marks on me, those small clues that belong to you and that only you can give away screaming to everyone that I've been possessed that you made me yours.
You've cast your amazing spell, through this smell of you and you left.
But you forgot your perfume, right there on my skin.


Anonymous said...

simply amazing!!breath taking!u just took me on an endless journey
way to go gabe!