Holding On

They sit there silently, whispering, releasing secret messages of passion into each other's glowing eyes. They speak of only the exceptional, the grand, the majestic.
Hours dissolve into the sensations of joy, laughter and the feelings of having it all perfectly in sync, they are finally home.
Peace reigns the days, meaningless hours that go by as they drift into each other, a passion so grand, so powerful that it flows directly into each other's heart without a trace, without a mark.

The peace that they have been waiting for is finally here, moments of celebration of life in silence, after the passionate blissful storm of sensations has slowly started to drift away. The peace that comes with a journey flowing like the water in a stream, so pure and fresh, so welcoming and beautiful. Nature celebrates this peace with them as it quiets down and gives way for their souls to play. Its colors shining brightly into the days, the sounds turning so tender and melodic. The orchestra of life sits back and lets things take their toll, angels playing their tunes to the world.

Music of passion and devotion plays in silence, whispers clues to a never ending journey into life, and releases itself to the sensations of living in total surrender and utter joy. Smiles draw the pictures on their lively canvas, created from life to celebrate life and to grow, together in complete divine creation of life in its purest and most magical forms.
Magic glistening in their inviting eyes, thirsty for each other, in need of a touch, of a smile, of a way to surrender. A need for life in its basic form, a need to let go to let loose and to let out. The residue of love, life and passion itself. In music, in words, in movements and in life.

I hold with me what is now left of myself with me, for I have given you a part. And I have let go of it in my celebration of you. Take it, leave, just go. But take care of it please, keep it with you and never let it go. For its the very essence of me that I gave you, for you to cherish and adore. And I'll keep the residue of your magic in my heart, on my skin and in my eyes. A part of your soul that will always stay with me, that will never let me go. So keep moving, keep going, I'm all around you. I'm with you as you go. Keep growing, keep expanding and spread your wings for me.
I'm holding on to your residue, to the memories, to the thoughts of you. I'm holding on to your glances, to your giggles, your smiles, your heart. I'm holding on to your love and to your passion. I'm holding on to your magic and your blessings. I'm holding on to you and I'm waiting.
For everything to get back together again in the near future and to reunite with your soul and taste your magic inside me. I'm holding on to you, to us, to life as I've never experienced before. And I'm waiting, for a chance to celebrate it again.
So angel, wherever you are, however form you might take, whatever thoughts you might have, I'll always be there, sitting, admiring, waiting....and I'm holding on.