Moment Of Silence

A moment is all it took to find that glistening look in her eyes. That delicate touch on her skin.
A moment is all it took to take her from desire to craving.
A moment is all it took for him to realize he was made to give her love again.
A moment is all she needed to feel her wild womanhood all over again.

A moment was all that mattered to surrender to his touch, his sweaty palms running all over her dripping skin, with every movement, every turn.
A moment was all that mattered to take him back to his roots, a wild beast of love, adoration and admiration.
A moment changed the way she felt about him, feeling him inside her core, lifting her up taking her down and bringing her back to life again.
A moment was all she needed to feel she's on a cloud again, taken to the highest levels of bliss and expressive joy.
A moment, and her moans took the form of a melodic piece of masterfully crafted music, an orchestra of joy.
In a moment, she was about to release herself to the epic culmination of her existence. In a moment, that was all that she felt, her own majesty driven by him, taken from his very core.

A moment and her heartbeats were no longer hers, but his, and time has lost its meaning....for a moment.
This very moment, changed his life forever, her looks, her screams, her passionate surrender, her moves, her joy, her craving for his very touch made him feel like her man, her God for a moment.

In a moment, things seemed perfect, like nothing could ever change.
In a moment, that very truth redefined itself and changed him forever.
For in a moment she disappeared, like a ghost disappearing away into the night as daylight breaks.

Looking at her for a moment was all it took to remember her magic, her magnificence before that box was closed, before it all was taken away. All it took was a moment to release her back into the Earth, into the truth of her existence, a wandering saint.

All that matters now is a hope that he would someday be at peace again, for a moment.


Sally Abi Khalil said...

WAW! no more words to add! :)