There's something beautiful in the way your eyes whisper to mine, sweet tender sentences of admiration, passion and adoration.
There's music playing inside your soul that for some reason nobody else can hear. These small notes of a solo piano dancing softly through your magical self.
There's a story in your eyes, right there with this shining light of your soul, a beautiful endless tale of magnificence in the making, a formation of a truly grand self.
There's passion in your body, a quenching powerful surge of emotion, creating desire and lustful sensations in the most humble of men.
There's a radiant smile on a sensational face, guiding its spectator into the world of untouched dreams, a world of grand majesty.

There's this thought of you in the middle of all my chaos that never leaves. This addictive trip inside your tender core that sticks unto me, into my heart, and leaves its sensual marks on my skin.
And then, there's the fire that burns when we're together. The wind that blows away the rest of life, when time takes a stand to admire beauty in its lustful, purest forms. Life stops to indulge and enjoy a smile, a hug and a tender caress.
Suddenly, the world doesn't seem to care for the rest of it, suddenly everything is like notes on a piano, unique, simple and touching. Taking the listener on a ride into his own self indulgence, a story written in melodies and notes. Suddenly, everything falls into place, no matter how twisted it may seem. Like everything was happening to reside in this moment right now.

And in all this madness of life, suddenly, there's this real, beautiful you.