It's Time To Say Goodbye

I believe the time has come, its approaching fast and I decided to make this serious decision once and for all.
It's time to say goodbye, to let go of the past resentments and make place for the magnificent future.
It's time:
- to sing the brilliant song that my life was meant to sing.
- to experience the natural power that inhabits me, to do great work and achieve great things.
- to inspire, become the example and touch the hearts of many along the way.
- to transform adversity into victory.
- to leave this world better than I found it.
- to leave a trail of excellence behind and know that one day my name will resonate with the big ones out there.
- to speak the truth, to be the truth no matter how blunt it might be.
- to go beyond the good enough, beyond the better and go for the best.
- to sing, dance, smile and celebrate life in its simplest forms.

Yes, time to say goodbye to the old ruined victim of the past for it will not prevail. Its time to love the people around you in the simplest of forms, and respect their existence for it was in a moment of love that they were created and were given the privilege to live.

The time has come to dust ourselves up and start walking again. Towards a better future, better people and more positive transformation, taking out every challenge we face for on its other side lies our greatest selves and our expanded realities.

May this year be filled with the most magical surprises, the most magnificent stories and the very best for you and your loved ones.