World Of The People

2011 saw a major shift in business from Business-to-Business equation to a Business-to-People one, and a major shift in Leadership mentality and market economy.
Markets and businesses are keeping this momentum and now starting to slowly shift towards a People-to-People equation as social platforms, social designs take over a major part of our lives and interactivity shifts from the business to personal even more. I've previously talked about the new business model HERE.

It has become obvious that the quality of a brand is determined by the number of people surrounding it, by the mass following it has and by the reactions and interactions happening with it or through it. Which makes the customers an essential part of the Brand itself (in other words customers make the brand). Therefore, it has become clear that companies need to let go of the brand as a self-centered media object, and embrace it as a dynamic collaboration between the company, community, and the people of influence.

Today, a customer doesn't just buy a product, customers are also buying the people.

“Information is inseparable from the people who are creating, consuming, and sharing it. And the web is no longer anonymous – it’s built on real people and their connections, opinions, and ideas.” - Think with Google

 Today, it is vital for companies to maintain and nurture their customers and communication networks because people buy from other people, they trust other people and communicate with them not their logos or corporations. Simply put, what all the concepts, strategies and technologies come down to is simple people-to-people communication.