Is it just me?

With every drop of rain on my window, it sounds pulsating through the endless time, so slow as I wait for your sudden appearance into my life again.
Time seems so endless as I wait for a sudden appearance, the brightest of lights as you smile back to me. Your soft hands touching my face, your delicate breath caressing my skin. The beating of my heart slow down with every second that passes us by, distances away.
I can picture you now, waiting for my arrival. Your back towards me, as I slowly make my way to your thighs, my hands slowly sliding unto them, a hug born in total silence, taking its place as your heart rises and sings a breathtaking "acapella" to mine. I can picture the moment your heart skips a beat, can you feel it happening? The look on your beautiful angelic face, your eyes, your smile. The light shining so brightly from your heart, igniting the fire inside my soul.

I suddenly wake up from this moment by a shreik of thunder in the skies above, rain drops crash unto the thin glass, separating me from nature's furious rage. Maybe its life itself, wanting us back in one place at one point in time, maybe the world just wants two of its creations in utter celebration of its complexity. Or maybe, its just me.

Maybe its my heart, telling my head to wander and join you at some place I long for deep inside. These things so pure and simple are rarely as pure and simple as they may seem to be. Maybe what I need is to bathe in your spectacular soul, to breathe your spirit into me as I touch your delicate, inviting lips. Maybe, its my heart telling me I should scream for you to hear my call. Maybe I need to run away, and let you go. Maybe its the conclusion this story has always needed. Although, I know it might have just been a moment to you, but it changed every single one that followed for me.
Or is it just me?