Where Does Your Focus Go?

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Have you ever thought of what you focus on the most during the day? Its quite interesting when you think about it.
I got you a cool experiment we can do RIGHT NOW and it only takes a sec.

ARE YOU UP TO IT? Its so easy...here we go:

Wherever you are at this moment just look around you, I want you to count (in your head) the number of blue objects you can see, any shade of blue.
Go ahead, try it, you'll understand what I'm saying in just a sec.

Now, assuming you did look around and counted the number of blue objects you saw, I got a simple question for you:
How many yellow objects did you see?

Not sure huh?
The principle here is simple. Whatever you focus on becomes more "evident" for you. Just like when you're aiming to buy a certain brand of car, its like at some point everybody in the world owns the same one!!

Now think of it, when you focus on a problem, or whatever challenge you're facing. With every minute of focus, this problem feeds on you and gains power, all your energy is directed towards making it a reality!

I ask you to focus on the things you want happening, make them happen inside your mind and let that thought feed on you, inside you and become a reality. Let it be the blue objects you just focused on. Its really that simple!

May the joy be with you!

Patrick Overton - When We Walk to the Edge

When we walk to the edge
of all the light we have
and take the step into the
darkness of the unknown,
we must believe that
one of two things will happen...
There will be something
solid for us to stand on
or we will be taught to fly.
Patrick Overton