A Dream

The sun left the scene silently sleeping in the vast ocean.
And I brought the ocean side, to its rushy knees. Deep in my shallow dreams, I heard a gorgeous sound, of a sensual serene angel that sang a beautiful song to the clouds. A song for the stars to fall asleep and silent trees to dance with the winds of life as they blow away, those hurricanes of dreams coming towards me, to crash again on my soul.

The silent moon, shines brightly, quietly. It sits there in the dark with her light caressing the leaves of the fellow trees so lightly, so honestly.  A sensual play of forms, from up above to down below.
A small picture of life is painted forever, for life. So honestly, by the magic of creation. The impression of something beautiful takes over, something beyond compare.

This silence isn't so bad, when the world in front of you shares its magic. When life brightly shines upon your heart. When the whole world rejoices for your being, and shares it simple secrets with you.

Its in my dreams that the moon smiled, and she resembled you. So wake me if you're out there.