Your Four Seasons

What you're about to read puts things in perspective when it comes to our human experience as a whole.
You see, everyone wants instant gratification these days and no one seems to realize that it takes time to get results in anything. But in life, there are cycles and when you are in these cycles you will always be in one of these four seasons in any given area of your life.

The most difficult season of them all, winter is a season that you just have to tough out, but you should always be preparing for. When you are experiencing winter in a part of your life you should always keep the good times in mind. The main thing to keep in mind about winter is that winters don’t last forever so you just got to hang in there and always thing about summer through winter.

Spring is the opportunity to plant a harvest. So its the season of opportunities.
When you plant in the spring you are not guaranteed a harvest, but it is the chance to plant one. Spring is a time for fresh starts and looking forward to what can be achieved.

Summer is the time to reflect on winter. Think of ants.
The reason ants get so much done during the summer is that all summer long they’re thinking of the coming winter. Summer is the time of the year that you have to fight for your harvest. All summer long you have to fight off the bugs and the weeds that are trying to wipe out everything that you’ve worked so hard to plant during the spring. Summer is a time to get busy to help ensure you’ll have something to harvest in the fall.

Fall (The Harvest)
Fall is the sum total of all your efforts over the spring and the summer. If you’ve been sticking with your plan of action and doing the work of summer you should have a good harvest, but there is no guarantee. The best way to guarantee a good harvest is to keep doing the work, yes persist.

The main message of the four seasons is to always be productive no matter the season you are in and to keep a positive outlook on the future.