Your Reputation: How Good Is It?

It is quite obvious that today, your brand and business must innovate and take things steps further. From a business perspective, today's communication world is shifting towards reputation management especially on social media platforms. I have previously discussed the shift in the market and leadership here.

Today, It takes a single negative Tweet, Facebook post, Youtube video to burn fast through a brand's values, equity and company. At this moment, brands have become at such a big risk that grows by the minute (not even by the day) with brands acting as media in real time, this is being called Brand Journalism.
These are major reasons why reputation management has become a very important element of social media. A few reviews on a blog, a few Facebook comments without a brand's presence and engagement in the conversation could and most probably would hurt the brand without a doubt. Customers or consumers who were to consider any kind of interaction with the brand would simply decide not to do business with it upon any negativity or slacking. It is important to mention that virtually every study shows that people trust peer recommendations more than corporate marketing, therefore a brand's (or company's) approach to the conversation plays a major role.

Reputation management (online) requires 3 things: planning, proactive listening and well-defined response mechanisms. Therefore, in essence, its quite simple to understand and do.

Below are a few points to consider when building an effective strategy:

- Understand that people are talking openly online about brands and companies, and defining them as time passes. Therefore, managing your brand is a must.
- As mentioned above people are talking, and its time to listen and start doing the necessary tweaks and changes to get your brand or company to level great. As you listen, fix and let people know what's happening, what's developing and changing. Effective brand management has a human element to it.
- Brands and companies cannot control conversations, but can be part of it.
- Honest, caring conversations and reactions, with the new social media, old school business practice returned.
- Press releases as a reaction to crisis (regarding a brand) are a thing of the past. So the time is right to set a standard and commit to customers. Business as usual doesn't cut it anymore.

Remember: social media is not marketing, its not a media. Its a relationship.

So, an effective online reputation strategy is essential in our world, knowing that powerful consumers are defining your brand, Today.

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