Message Received

Joe the painter takes a brush to release his burning thoughts unto the magical empty space of a new grand canvas. As he slowly takes his brush he splashes huge shots of fiery red onto the pure white space. He moves with his bare hands to create a form as his breath deeps with every move and his eyes slowly close to remember the moments that will inspire an incredible, impulsive, piece of art.
His hands glide slowing down sometimes and speeding up at others. His head moves with every touch of the frame's texture. He then suddenly stops, as he takes his breath and admires his work, diving in deep thought as to what he might be expressing.
He slowly closes his eyes, his hands fall down to his sides spitting small drops of red passionate paint unto the white smooth ground. As he closes his eyes, he lifts his head up, his eyes reaching up to the sky and takes a massive sigh.

A delicate tear falls slowly from his eye, making its way to his mouth, fusing with the red paint all over his face. He takes a few steps back, smiles so innocently as he looks at his finished masterpiece. Vibrant huge letters that spell a grateful "Thank You" coming from a sincere passionate heart. A moment of glory for someone giving thanks for all the gifts he has come to receive in his recent journey.
As he makes his way towards the bathroom he takes a quick glance at her picture and smiles peacefully.
Message received.