*This is a special blog post co-written on location on the shores of the Mediterranean

The silky sheet spread itself across the waves, dressing them in its majestic aura of divine color and pure simplicity.

With glittering lights of a nearby town, they sit on the shore, contemplating the magic of the moment while the deep, echoing sound of the waves crashes between every kiss.

She takes a moment to embrace his inner beauty, the beauty he feeds her with every look, every smile, and every breath. She's never felt so full of bliss, so confident, so extravagant. Her emotions resound this compilation through her moves as she wraps her arm around him. A melody written with pure emotion of love, passion and adoration.

He loses himself in her eyes of shattering beauty, coupled with a smile that has the power to stop time itself. The moment takes them in and loses them in its simplicity, in its magesty, and in each other. She closes her eyes and takes in a breath, trying to grasp this moment's essence and trap it forever in her soul, taking the chance to become one with this magical world.

And as he watches, he knows at heart that he has found her, his other self, the missing piece, a perfect match. He looks into her eyes and simply understands the majesty of this glorious world. A smile is drawn upon their faces, as they come to silently understand the truth of the moment, an honest revelation that the world has given them the perfect place to lose themselves in.