Lost In You

String melodies unite in a crescendo of a burning passion, slowly building to a burning release. Magic created by glistening eyes flows through my veins as she looks inside my heart. Her breath takes me inside her soul, in and out in a spectacular play of sensations.

This magic coupled with passionate touches of her face build up as I wander inside her soul with every kiss, softly playing with her increasing heartbeats. With every touch of my hands on her delicate face, my hands running through her hair, music comes out of her losing itself to our quiet, summer surrounding.

But in all of this warmth, I find myself lost.

Lost in the beauty that is her heart, lost in her magnificent eyes. I find myself wandering in the most peaceful setting, magnificently created out ultimate joy. In the midst of all this madness, her lips softly calm me down, take me in and her eyes tenderly let me out from a magnificent journey inside her core.

I sit here wondering how magnificent all of this is, and I look back at the ground beneath me and a smile draws itself upon my face.
For I have been lost in a part of myself again, for I have been lost in the magic of you.