Book Of You

Between small pages they rest, taken out of my heart. Thoughts of magical experiences take shape as they leave away from my soul unto the innocent blank paper, ready to be touched by a sensational truth.

Out of my soul I release, what your magic has done to me. What you have given me with your silent eyes and mysterious beautiful smile. Out of my heart I sent them, away to touch you in their spirit and bring your soul closer to mine. Out of my being I take you, to shape you in pages ready to be taken to new heights and filled with your gift.

Words dance to the music that I play, with my inner mind, my very self. Music that comes to life from life itself. With every breath you take, every smile you make that breaks the silence surrounding you, a melody  of giggles and laughs, a beautiful symphony.

Between those pages, a world comes together for you, for your senses and eyes. It all comes out of my soul, impulsively and instantly as thoughts of you rush into my mind. Between those pages, breaths of joy, adoration and passion, shapes that crave losing themselves in you again. Pages that create the book of beauty, passion and innocent joy. Pages that create the book of you. 


Tarek Joseph Chemaly said...

First you say, "There’s instant positive feedback to such constant activities as checking email, surfing the web, checking social networks such as blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook." And then you add " I've mentioned it time and time again (especially on Twitter you can follow #leadwhereyouare)" - so do we or do we NOT check that twitter hashtag? I am a little confused....
I understand your point of view, but it seems you are shooting yourself in the foot. Tarek

Gaby said...

I have mentioned it on Twitter that time management is essential. I'm not saying not checking Twitter or whatever social network...allocate a specific time for it...therefore checking the hashtag (which includes some interesting business ideas) can help at times to put things in perspective.

The positive feedback can be achieved while being productive, and focused on your best...there's simply a way to do it.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment :)