Boy In The Shadows

"He was younger than I was...I remember he looked up all the time,
I don't know...he could stare at the sun longer than anyone I've ever met.
And like, he was part of his surroundings rather than being overwhelmed by them.
He showed a lot with his aunt. She traded him with the intelligence he deserved.
He didn't play with friends. He had a gentle presence.
You almost didn't notice he was there hoped he would be.
He always covered his collar bone, he made a point of it. As if he didn't like the feeling of wind against his neck.
He always carried a camera around his neck, just for the act of documenting what was happening to him, who he shared moments with, as if interactions with people were rare and out of the ordinary."

I know I posted the video of this amazingly twisted yet beautifully done video, but its worth checking out once again. Click here to watch it to know what this whole text above is about.

Recommended music after that: Bliss - Silence (Listen here)


Abaretruth said...

I really enjoyed starting the week reading your post