Beirut, With A Splash Of Color

Recently, more and more creative minds have been trying to search for new ways to better the city they live in and the space they love the most. A new project surfaced recently, ambitious and quite interesting, called بيروت ناقصها ألوان Beirut Na2esa 2alwein (Beirut Missing Colors).
Described as being a new platform for Lebanese people who believe their city is too gray and misses colors, this project aims at putting a creative, personal and interesting touch around the city and help in making the environment more friendly and eye-friendly.
Tanios Abou Khalil, Patrik Abdel Sater and Vladimir Kurumilian
 Last weekend, the Rmeil area in Achrafieh hosted, a green and environment-friendly car free day with the participation of the Beirut Na2esa 2alwein team who added a creative and colorful touch to the area. A great initiative to spread the message and get more people involved.

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The project is slowly building momentum and needs all our support to blast away color tones and personalize a city that is slowly losing its identity and the personal human touch. With a bit of color, time and effort, we can make the place more personal, more fun and give it the real identity of its people. Below, a few pictures that describe what its all about. Let's help this city get back its lively colors and let us all help the ambitious team in making our place, ours.