Dear God

Dear God,
My name is sam, and people say I’m growing up fast.

Momma always told me that when I become a grown up, I would never be like daddy and that the small ladybugs I like to talk to will become smaller and I would never see them the same way. Momma says all the dress up in the robes and the bed sheets and acting like ghosts or spooks or something are gonna be a thing of the past. I wear my magic shoes all the time. They keep me fast and strong to run away from all the danger this world holds so well. Momma bought them for me, it was my birthday and she baked me the best birthday cake ever!

I have the best momma. She’s always around me. I can even hear her sing to me right now. Oh God, you did good by sending me here to her, that made her so happy...seeing me happy.
I love nature too, you know, the big place you created? 
Momma always told me not to smell the red roses, they gave me allergies…made my nose all red. I like my red nose, it looks funny.

I once watched a big man with a red nose. It was fake you know. We call him a clown cos he makes us kids laugh. Momma always laughed with us though. I think she was a kid in her heart. She gives the best hugs the world has ever felt, her warm hands hold me tight in the cold winter and they are as cool as ice in the summer. Magical hands I tell you.
Momma said I'd make a good husband in the future, she told me I would never leave like dad did. I would never beat like dad did. I can’t really hit well. I always miss when shooting a basketball. People laugh, I’m not sure its funny.

Dear God, I'm not a smart boy... but I know what love is. I’ve been given so much of it thanks to you. Thanks to momma and now you can make me a bird. So I could fly far away and see the world. Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows! Momma might not be happy but I sure would come back with so many pictures, just for her to look at and keep beside her warm heart. I wanna run like a fast leopard. I’ve never seen one in real life, but they sure look fast on TV! I could use my magic shoes, I never take them off. Well, I do when I sleep.

Dear God, momma always said dying was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn't.
Take care of her for me. I’m a big boy now; I suppose you know that already. I can take care of my own self cos I’m growing up fast.