Art Meets Fashion: Designed & Signed!

In a new and creative initiative, leading Lebanese Retailer ABC will be brining together a group of Lebanese designers as part of their new campaign "Designed & Signed", an inspirational venture that would raise vital funds for a good cause. Joanna Atallah & Riham Serhan, co-founders of Brave Heart, the NGO who will benefit from the initiative, commented that they "highly appreciate ABC's initiative to increase awareness on Congenital Heart Disease and work towards the day when no child should die of heart disease because of lack of funds."

The concept is simple: Challenging participants to dress-up ABC triangles. Fashion and art fans will be treated to a host of exhibitions where triangles will adorn ABC premises in Dbayeh and Ashrafieh to celebrate these unique creations.
In a fusion between fashion and arts, the campaign reflects a commitment ABC had previously made in order to strengthen the influence of these two sectors: fashion and art. A great play of branding and interactivity, the campaign engages and creates interest while keeping its classy ABC feel and distance.

Kickstarting the campaign is Lebanese prominent photographer Roger Moukarzel who dressed the triangle in green and crowned it with a fashionable spider in high heels.


Roger met fellow bloggers and PR to discuss his thoughts on the campaign and said that he didn't hesitate one bit to take part in such a n event, stating that he didn't know exactly how the design idea came to mind. He commented that he dreamt it one night and put it on paper the next morning. In his opinion, the spider represents fashion. "Like the spider attracts insects on its net, fashion attracts people around the world to its beautiful realm", he added.

The "Designed and Signed" venture will run along the year at the end of which all designers' creations will be exhibited before being auctioned. I hope this campaign helps in creating a needed buzz and interest from the important people who can help Brave Heart on their humane quest.