When A University Goes Viral

I'm proud to write this post, one as an alumni of this exceptional institution and two, as a communicator and a creative. You all must have recently heard the buzz around a video, a Lipdub going viral in the recent days made by the students, administratives & professors of one of the leading institutions in the creative communications field, ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts).

What is a Lipdub? well, it is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. Yes, the ALBA community created a music video showcasing the spirit of the university, its people and the minds behind it. It also communicates quite effectively the atmosphere of creativity there.

After the massively successful 3D mapping showcased on the ALBA building in Sin El Fil, the university hits with another fun concept, indirectly promoting itself, clearing the misconceptions, atmosphere and promoting the people as well. A brave, and unique move that no other university has done in addition to that, the video was conceived, produced, directed and featured only ALBA alumni, admins, students...etc. From the song choice, to the different parts of the video, the video created a mix of showing the premises, different classes and sections of the university (from administration offices to the drawing classes to the library) and the different kinds of creative characters that make up the people.

This goes to show that communication is getting even more fun, although we all know it takes a whole lot of work and planning, and ALBA is already known to be one of the toughest educational institutions in the country. But with a creative result like the video below, I believe its all worth it in the end.

I bet the students and everyone at ALBA is proud, I know I am as an alumni, from leading the field throughout the years, to all the books released, to the great creative people we have come to unleash into our creative business world...and more! It really feels great to know that I was once spending my days (and sometimes nights) at THIS university building up my own creative self.

Enjoy the full video below and the recent interview on MTV's Men el Ekhir Show!