Will.I.Am Ripping Arty & Mat Zo's Track?

I couldn't believe the hype and the whole buzz in EDM land about the new upcoming Will.I.Am album, a controversial mix of blended beats and a huge, angry global reaction....well, couldn't believe it until I heard this, his latest collaboration with Chris Brown called Let's Go.

Let's Go sounds extremely similar to "Rebound" a gem of a track released on Anjunabeats and produced by two great superstar producers: Arty & Mat Zo. Take a listen below to understand what the buzz is all about. Arty explained, in a series of tweets, that no one had approached Anjunabeats, the owning label for the rights regarding that song. Anjunabeats is a trance music label run by the legends Above & Beyond.

Jono Grant of Above & Beyond reportedly tweeted about the situation but then deleted the tweets.

I don’t understand how a large sample of the track could have slipped, I guess they felt they could get away with this, or thought they could bully Mat Zo and Arty out of their own music. I understand Mat Zo's reaction by deleting his twitter account and his below Facebook comment:

If you stream both tracks you will know what a huge theft this is and what a mess it has been creating! This is unacceptable, especially that I myself am a huge fan and a trance music DJ and I can't let such a case go! With the growing number of "slipping samples" out there and the large sums of money being tossed around to shut people up and the threat of big label lawyers coming down on a “small time” artist like Arty or Mat Zo, there is a reality to be faced and its important to keep the pop guns from shooting all over the different music scenes in this world and the amazing work being created by our rising superstars and future producers.

"Bang Bang" also uploaded, mimics the exact chord progression from the drop in Sandro Silva and Quintino’s “Epic.” Listen to Will.I.Am’s drop at 2:15.