Quicker Route To Mediocrity?

"Technology almost always democratizes art, because it gives us better tools, better access and a quicker route to mediocrity. It's significantly easier to be a mediocre (almost very good) setter of type today than it was to be a pretty good oil painter two hundred years ago." - Seth Godin

Its also better to be a joke on Twitter than to release a funny book, to read your Facebook timeline than to read an interesting book (about people for example). Or merely spending half your day on Twitter (by choice) instead of reading interesting blogs. Blogging, QUALITY blogging, used to take time, thinking and planning. Strategically knowing when and what to post. Blogging moved to being a "mass" thing. Talking about ANYTHING that might bring ANY kind of people to your blog (well that's what's been happening on the Lebanese blogosphere in general).

Just like the case of Instagram and Photoshop. Not so many people know photoshop and learning that will take a lot of time and effort, and so Instagram comes as a quick fix. An easy effortless solution.
Reading Twitter is easier, looks smaller, than reading a blog. It looks like the new wave of things is to go into the easier, faster fix. Like addicts looking for a faster rush.

But the interesting thing here is that all this change doesn't render the old options obsolete.