The Leadership Culture

The marketplace has changed, business has changed. The economy definitely has and will always be changing. But one thing remains: Becoming & growing leaders, your competitive advantage.

The competitive advantage of every organization comes down to a simple idea: the ability to grow and develop leaders faster than your competition.
A leadership culture is where everyone thinks like a manager, like a CEO and the owner of the company. This culture focuses on finding solutions rather than focusing on problems and is centered around leading by example. I have written before about leading wherever you are in an organization and this applies fully here. As I have previously blogged, the market has changed dramatically and people like Seth Godin talk about the connection economy. This, in short, means that achieving results that move business forward is one of the main ingredients of leadership rather than a title someone has within a business.

Showing leadership doesn't mean everyone has to run a company or be a CEO, the idea I'm sharing is that everyone needs to show up fully in a certain role. Know it, own it.
Good things will happen when you show up and with more people doing the same, the organization will soar to great levels.


Melissa M. said...

Love this article. Insightful!