News: How I See It

New, your daily dose of depressive, negative and sad issues from the world that might impact your lives in just a little dose, that small chunk of events and info that you can't control or run away from.
News, its a past event, it happened and there's nothing to make it go away.

News affects, touches & stimulates. It gets people to react, act. Therefore, I believe today's news, this regular dose that feeds on the negative problems and issues from around the world? THAT should be changed.
For me, news should be about people (not gossip), culture and things of value that touch and grow people. A culture that shapes a society, your magazine for thoughts and ideas for betterment and growth. News should be about events happening, artists, movies, stories that inspire and get people thinking, writing, growing instead of growing spaces between everyone. News should inspire change for the better, not inspire harm. News should be about growth and technology and ideas that can impact our lives and make them better. Help conclude our days with possibilities not end the day with everything bad we face on a daily basis! I understand there is a vital and essential need to know what is happening and it can still be the case, a small list of headlines will do just fine.

News is an energy vampire, eating out your will and development possibilities. Its part of what destroys your performance. Standing for iconic in your life demands incredible focus and news these days eats out a huge part of it.

Until the quality and content of our news broadcasts change, I suggest less watching news, more doing dreams.