Gareth Emery: Rebranded

It's lovely to see the growth of an artist in front of your very eyes. Their music evolving and fan base developing and growing. Gareth Emery, one of leaders of the electronic dance music scene is one example.
After creating a massive following and hungry fans aching for his shows and music, and releasing single after single Gareth took the time to create a full artist album, Northern Lights.
After unleashing the full release and following it up with a remixed album, Gareth decided that the time has come to create yet another musical gem and so, he locked himself in the studio to work on some fresh material.

This period, just like it is with a butterfly developing in its cocoon, resulted in a fresh, more mature Gareth Emery and resulted in the need to upgrade his identity as well, and so his new logo was born.

A perfect image in harmony with his exceptional unique sound, the logo reflects a personal touch with the introduction of a serif font, used in the name, it fuses with the bold, stable surname that reflects stability and creativity (note the line of the letter A that also uses the letter E from the name). The serif font also reflects a melodic tone and the bold edgy letters used in the name "Gareth" visualize his unique sound.

A very well developed logo, reflecting growth and the real unique character that is Gareth Emery.

Check out his upcoming single "U" with Bo Bruce, which will be released on February 4th.