The Battle For The Title

We live in a world obsessed with image, with labels and how things "look". We live in a country where unfortunately how you seem matters hundreds of times more than what you really and truly are. In fact, we put every major inch of our resources to feed that monster, the monster of image and titles.
But the truth is, the world has changed and is changing rapidly. People are embracing the core and essence of things based on what results they are getting from them and are learning to grow and develop based on facts rather than image and aspirations. We are finally coming to the conclusion that delusional dreaming will get us nowhere. Take for example a freshly graduated student. His main goal, from the moment he or she steps foot in the business world, is always to climb the corporate ladder and earn title after title in hopes a major conclusion, the massive crescendo of becoming a "leader" of some department or owner of some company. Yes, and this battle to the title is fed everywhere and in every detail by images the media is feeding us, culture within every business, school and family.

Our current culture is infested with the virus of the "look at me" of the "I'm better than you" just because we try to look the part and promote it everywhere. We try to take over and seem like we know what we're doing by using big words and trying as hard as we can to prove what we look is actually what we are.

But sadly, reality is different and things don't work that way. In fact, the big guys in every business, the companies we dream of working at, the corporations we wish we'd establish are all not based on who is the "entrepreneur" or the Head of (insert department here). The big guys are big because they deliver. They lead the field without caring about any titles, they just wake up in the morning to deliver 10x the value a client expects from them and to create the "wow" effect with everything they touch, leaving people, work and teams better than they found them. It's what you do when no one's watching that matters.

Our world has become a world of service, people are connected 24/7/365 days. People are closer than ever, looking for answers which can be easily found anywhere. The challenge today is to let go of the title, let go of the label and deliver like a leader...and the world will come to recognize you as one of the best and eventually, your goal would have been reached and surpassed, without a title. 


Patrick Chemali said...

Extremely well worded and straight to the point. I like posts that don't beat around the bush!

Tarek Joseph Chemaly said...

Are you trying to say that "regional head of client servicing and sub-deputy chairman of digital affair MENA" is not important on a business card?... Hmmmm, someone has just had his ego deflated!