A Reflection Of Culture

That's what advertising in any society is. A simple mirror of it's people's culture. Look around, when a society's in a booming, culturally advanced atmosphere, the advertisements become smarter and more relevant to the thought processes of the people. You notice less "offers" and more witty concepts and ideas.

On another hand as well, notice how brands simply communicate in the most subtle ways, using out of the box techniques that merge digital, social and traditional media. Clients are not desperate for a sale, they know with a smarter attitude and embracing new technologies they can conquer markets and win people over. You also see less spam, with a varied number of ads and different products promoting themselves rather than the same ad being shoved down people's throats at every advertisement break on TV and radio to an extent that the product start losing instead of gaining prospects.

Societies in cultural decline look desperate in communication. Just a reflection.