What A Wrong Way To Launch A Product!

Regardless of the technicalities and the final output, regardless if the commercial is a copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or not as Patrick Chemali discussed in his blog post There is an important aspect of this particular product launch that is conceptually a huge mistake.

The TVC, which you can see here, shows a machine with some artificial ingredients being added to the orange and is creating the juice. JUICE, which should be communicated as being 100% natural or as far as can be from any chemical, is shown as being a machine creation! I understand the product can simply be chemically made and not from real fruits (Tang juice for example) but this aspect is never communicated, instead the marketer focuses on the results and effects of drinking the juice. It's like saying, "hey we're Candia and we just created this blend of chemicals with these several flavors which you can now drink and enjoy"

WRONG! Especially coming out at a time when everyone is becoming more product conscious and brands are coming back to nature, promoting a healthier, more nature-friendly lifestyle.

Would you try a product which communicates that it was done in a lab?
I know I won't but I'd love to know what you think.